And so, to potty…..

And so it begins…… the potty has been bought, along with a helpful book (recommended by Mrs O) and the start of perusing through blogs and helpful guides to make this process as stress-free as possible.  Something tells me that won’t be the case though.  It sure does seem like a commitment to nail this bit of child development!

Cal is due to turn two in just a matter of weeks, as much as I can hardly believe it.  Whilst some may feel it’s young to be starting potty changing, from everything I’ve read, Cal is demonstrating all the signs that lead to potty.  Cal is definitely taking more interest in Mummy and Daddy’s toilet visits, regularly talking about what is or isn’t in his nappy, along with regularly requesting to sit on a toilet or potty.  We’re lucky that Cal attends a fantastic nursery who have introduced him to the potty from very early on.  Whilst he’s only had one or two successful meetings with the potty at nursery, none-the-less it’s made the home start of training so much easier.

We’re due to go on holiday soon so we’re merely ‘practising’ at the moment with the plan to seriously start the transition from nappy to potty once we have a few fixed and settled weeks at home.  Hopefully a warm few days over summer (optimistic I know!) will also help so he can run around nappy free easing the accessibility to potty in times of need.

At this point in time I’m merely obtaining Cal’s interest and buy-in without pressure.  He’s sat on the toilet seat as well as the potty many times over the past few days without a ‘deposit’.  I think he considers it a game at the moment because he’s up and down like a jack-in-a-box, but I figure this way it’s fun and he sees it a positive thing for when ‘mission potty’ officially starts.

I’m keen to hear your tips and tricks for potty training a boy.  From what I hear boys are harder to train than girls.  As you can imagine, Mrs O and I are regularly sharing stories and tips, but as both complete novices we’d really appreciate your comments to make this a painless journey for us all.


To be continued……..

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