About Mrs O


I’m Mrs O. I’m a fitness professional, a yoga instructor and a domestic goddess wannabe. I’m a forty-something first time mum to Ella and a (wonderful) wifey to poor long-suffering Mr O!
I like 80’s music, being outdoors, writing ‘stuff’ and drinking Earl Grey. I love a challenge, a bit of witty banter and people who smile.

I’m not a fan of rap. I’m allergic to nuts (amusing). I get bored and fidgety easily. I can’t stand bad manners, ‘vague’ Facebook statuses and I really don’t like Monday’s (tell me why….?)
For me, Candid Cake Club is about friendship. It’s about being able to share your thoughts and feelings honestly, candidly, without fear of judgment. Since becoming a mum I have a whole new appreciation for friendship and how, somehow, just knowing you’re not in ‘your boat’ all alone is simply enough to stop it from sinking.

Sharing such personal thoughts and experiences via this blog is quite a scary thing! But we have vowed to write honestly, from the heart and in the spirit of friendship. And so I hope you will share your stories with us too and I hope you enjoy our ever so slightly mad ramblings!